NO shame, NO worries, Just pure Fun!


That’s what we did this past saturday, We wore all white, knee high socks, sweat bands, ran, jumped and danced the amazing COLOR RUN!. It is truly the most fun 5k I have ever been, I did not worry if I’m the fastest runner, I just want to enjoy the moment. If I’m not mistaken this event is inspired by a Hindu festival called Holi. It is celebrated every spring in India and Nepal.

I just love the idea of letting your guard down, it’s ok if you dance/jump with the music while your covered with multiple colored cornstarch; It was one of the moments in my life that my mind did not wander and just let myself be in the present. It should definitely be in anyone’s bucket list. Enough with the talk, here are the photos of the day.

Pre color










Inside the cloud of color during the post color run party






Have you participated in a color run? if so, how did it go?


Easy Sunday Pot roast

For an easy meal this sunday, I have made an amazing creamy pot roast. All you need is put all the ingredients in a crock pot and leave it until is nice and tender.

pot roast-4

Sunday Pot Roast

2-3 lb of chuck roast

1 packet of onion soup mix

2 small cans of cream of mushroom

* let the first 3 ingredients cook for about 4-5 hrs until the meat is close to tender*

*then add your vegetables 1 hour before serving*

1 pack of  fresh carrots

yukon gold potatoes

1 pack of sliced mushrooms

 Enjoy the savory meal and don’t be surprised if you want seconds.

pot roast-3

Chicago It is!

After contemplating where to go for our second anniversary trip, We have chosen to visit the city of Chicago!

We have listed a few reason why it will be a great city to visit

1. My best friends wedding – movie

2. Ferris Bueler’s day off

3. Lake michigan

4. the break-up movie

4. the food scene

5. My best girlfriend Sara gave me a great advice to pick this place.

and this is my favorite scene from the movie.

do you guys have any suggestions of what to eat and do in the windy city?

Mid-week blues


Wednesdays” seems to be a hump that either gets me feeling bummed or excited. I get sad that its only wednesday or get excited that the weekend is just close by. It’s like anticipating a vacation with no destination.

My hubby and I are planning what to do for our second year anniversary. Any suggestions?

Waves of sunshine.

Oh! San Francisco, California. Thank you for all day 65 F weather, for a fresh bay breeze, awesome food and great views.

We have enjoyed our  2013 Valentines trip



sfo trip 2013-64

sfo trip 2013-65

sfo trip 2013-66

sfo trip 2013-67

sfo trip 2013-68

sfo trip 2013-69

sfo trip 2013-70

sfo trip 2013-73

sfo trip 2013-77

sfo trip 2013-78

sfo trip 2013-79

sfo trip 2013-80

sfo trip 2013-82

sfo trip 2013-84

sfo trip 2013-85

sfo trip 2013-86

sfo trip 2013-92

sfo trip 2013-99

sfo trip 2013-102

sfo trip 2013-106

sfo trip 2013-108

sfo trip 2013-109

sfo trip 2013-115

sfo trip 2013-119

sfo trip 2013-123

sfo trip 2013-124

sfo trip 2013-125

sfo trip 2013



sfo trip 2013-128

sfo trip 2013-131

sfo trip 2013-132

sfo trip 2013-133

sfo trip 2013-134

sfo trip 2013-137

sfo trip 2013-141

sfo trip 2013-52

sfo trip_-2

sfo trip 2013-39

sfo trip 2013-40

sfo trip 2013-42

sfo trip 2013-43

sfo trip 2013-37

sfo trip 2013-35

sfo trip 2013-28

sfo trip 2013-27

sfo trip 2013-26

sfo trip 2013-25

sfo trip 2013-24

sfo trip 2013-23

sfo trip 2013-21

sfo trip 2013-17

sfo trip 2013-14

sfo trip 2013-13

sfo trip 2013-11

sfo trip 2013-9

sfo trip 2013-7

sfo trip 2013-3

sfo trip '13-6

sfo trip '13-5

sfo trip '13-3

sfo trip '13-2

music filled Our soul.

I just realized that I have not posted anything since July last year. My hubby and I had been checking off some items in our bucket list.  2012 was all about the Music, We enjoyed every song, sang our hearts out and cheered to 4 concerts of some of our favorite artists. The Fray, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz and Norah Jones.  From jamming from the pit to enjoying the view of the red rocks, we have filled our soul with great music. Here’s the recap from 2012.

May 2012 The Fray concert in Dallas!




After 2 days we head over to Austin to visit my family then enjoyed Ingrid Michaelson’s music!





Oh this photo is taken right before Mike got hit by a drum stick that the drummer gave away.


We got the stick though!


Back to west texas for a annual PondOrona reunion


Enjoying few weeks at our home


We head back to Dallas to watch Jason Mraz! We got 2nd row seats! how lucky is that!




Spending July 4th back home!


For our First wedding Anniversary trip we head to Denver Colorado



I’m proud to say that I finally learned how to ride a bike. My husband and I rode the streets of Denver, using B-cycle program and also a bikealope tour.  293256_10151383960725620_2003280986_n


Norah Jones concert at the Amazing Red rocks Amphitheater. it was just breath taking




Back home to watch a college football for the first time.


Our first year Anniversary, I could not be more in love with this guy.


Summer Recipe: Steak & Shrimp kabobs

What better way to start summer than grilling. Our first recipe this July is Kabobs!

Recipe: You need any type of steak, we used ribeye steak & shrimp. Any type of veggies you would like.

Marinate: 1/4 cup Oyster sauce

1/4 cup hoisin sauce

1/8 cup of soy suce

pinch of sugar

Lemon juce

fresh garlic and pepper

Marinate the steak and shrimp for minimum for about 2 hours. Then start grilling.

After you put all the kabobs on the grill close the lid and let it caramelized.

while waiting, play a trick with your pet!

then it’s time to flip!

then we played with our lovely dog again.

Gosh! she has grown!

to know if it’s ready, we made sure all the shrimp are nicely pink.

Then this is the finish product. you can eat it with toasted pita bread or rice.